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Professor Liu Jun

Liu Jun was born in 1964 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and in 1986 he received his B.A. from Suzhou University, completing his doctorate at Nanjing University in 1991.  In 2005, he was a visiting scholar at Grinnell College, and he is currently a professor at the NJU Department of Chinese and a Ph.D. student advisor. 
Dr. Liu's works include Feelings of Sympathy--The Biography of Bai Xianyong (Hua Cheng Press, 2000), From Taiwan and Hong Kong to the Overseas Community--A Diverse Look at Cross-Regional Chinese Literature (Hua Cheng Press, 2004), Cross-Border Integration--A Comprehensive Look at Chinese Literature Across the World (New Star Press, 2005), and Psychoanalytic Therapy and Chinese Literary Criticism (coauthor, Jiangsu Educational Press, 1996).  He was also chief editor of The Definitive Library for Cross-Regional Chinese Women Writers (ten books, Hua Cheng Press, 2005) and a contributing author for A Study Guide to Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature (Nanjing University Press, 2006).  In addition, Feelings of Sympathy--The Biography of Bai Xianyong won third prize from the Seventh Jiangsu Province Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and the Social Sciences.
Dr. Liu has previously participated in the NJU Ryoichi Sasakawa youth project, “Chinese Literature in North America,” as well as the Ministry of Education research project “20th Century American Literature.”  He is currently organizing the Ministry of Education project “Taiwanese Modernist Literature” and is contributing research for the project “Ethnic Identity in Literature from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Overseas Chinese,” a subtopic of the 985 Project event “Ethnic Identity and Chinese Language and Literature.”
His other academic positions include: assistant secretary-general of the Worldwide Chinese Literature Association and chairman of the association's Academic Committee on Youth, as well as president of the Jiangsu Province Research Association for Chinese Literature from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Overseas.
Dr. Liu's research focuses on Taiwan and Hong Kong literature, overseas Chinese literature, and modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
From 2007-08, Dr. Liu was employed as a short-term scholar in residence at the IAS, and in 2009 he was selected as a part-time researcher.
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