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Professor Ma Junya

Born in 1966, Ma Junya tested into the Suzhou University Department of History in 1984, receiving his bachelor's degree in 1988 and his master's degree in 1991.  From 1991-93, he served as a professor at Zhejiang Normal University, and in 1993 he was accepted as a Ph.D. student at the Suzhou University Department of Sociology, receiving his doctorate in 1996.  From 1996-98, he engaged in post-doctoral research at the Nanjing University Department of History, and in 1998 the department hired him on as an associate professor of history.  He was later promoted to professor in 2006.  In addition, from 2000-01 he served as a visiting professor at Illinois State University.
Dr. Ma's doctorate dissertation, Economies of Scale and Regional Development--The Recent Modernization of Enterprises in the Jiangnan Region, was selected for the “Nanjing University First Collection of Writings,” published by the Nanjing University Press in 1999 (printed in 2000).  His post-doctoral paper Hybridization and Development: The Modern Evolution of the Traditional Social Economy in the Jiangnan Region was also selected for publication in the “Oriental History Academic Library,” published by the Social Sciences Academic Press in 2003.
Dr. Ma currently teaches eight courses, including Chinese Economic History (modern segment), The Social Lifestyle History of Modern China, Economic Studies on the Yangtze River Delta, and Research Topics in Modern Chinese Economic History.  He is also one of the main lecture professors for the departmental course Modern Chinese History.  To date, he has published three books (two independently authored, one with a co-author), has translated three books (initial translator on one of the three), and has published nearly 40 academic papers in various periodical journals, including Historical Research, Sociology, and Modern Chinese History.
Since assuming his current position, Dr. Ma has independently put together several events, including a program for the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation (“From Fertile Land to Barren Soil: Changes in the Social Ecology of the Huaibei Region”), a program for the Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation (“National Policy Factors and Changes to the Social Ecology of the Xu Huai Hai District”), and a program for the Talent Training Foundation of NJU (“Socio-Economic Studies in Jiangnan”).  He has participated in one National Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation program (“The History of the Chinese Republic”), four core research projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the Ministry of Education (“The Japanese Occupation of Eastern China,” “Cities with Mid-Range Economies in the Yangtze River Delta Region,” “Rural Construction in the Yangtze River Delta Region During the Republican Era,” and “The Handicraft Industry by the Yangtze River During the Republican Era”), and one project from the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Philosophy and Social Sciences (“Modern Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu”).
From 2006-07, Dr. Ma was employed as a short-term scholar in residence at the IAS, and in 2009 he was selected as a part-time researcher.
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