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Professor He Chengzhou (2005-2006)


Born in 1967, He Chengzhou is a professor at the English Department of the Nanjing University School of Foreign Studies.  He received his doctorate from the University of Oslo in 2002, and his areas of research include European and American drama, comparative literature, English literature, Scandinavian literature and culture, Ibsen studies, identity studies, and gender studies.
Dr. He has published 30 articles in English or Chinese in several academic journals, including Comparative Drama, Perspectives: Studies on Translatology, Ibsen Studies, and Foreign Literature Review.  In addition, two chapters from his book Henrik Ibsen and Modern Chinese Drama (Oslo Academic Press, 2004) were selected by the University of Oslo teaching materials for graduate classes.
Dr. He has also received several awards for his academic achievements.  He received the Ibsen Award in Norway in 2002, was selected as a Jiangsu Blue Project Outstanding Young Teacher in 2004, and was chosen for the Ministry of Education's New Century Talent Support Plan in 2005.  Over the past five years, he has been invited to participate in international academic conferences and lectures at numerous universities in the United States, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Norway.
From 2005-06, Dr. He was employed as a short-term scholar in residence at the IAS.  In 2008, he was appointed as Assistant Dean of the IAS, and in 2009 he was selected as a part-time researcher.
Chengzhou HE
PhD of Oslo University, Norway
Professor of English and Drama
Professor of Scandinavian Studies
Director of Chinese-Nordic Cultural Centre (CNCC)
Deputy Director, European Studies Centre
Associate Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Foreign Studies
Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China PRC
Active Professional Membership
Secretary-in-chief, Jiangsu Association of Comparative Literature
Member of International Ibsen Committee (2006-2012)
Committee Member of Chinese Association of Foreign Literature
Ibsen Medal (March 2002)
New-century Talent, Chinese Ministry of Education (2005)
Henrik Ibsen and Modern Chinese Drama, Oslo Academic Press, Norway, 2004, 320p
The Scandinavian Literary Canon: Ibsen, Strindberg and Hamsun, Peking University Press, 2009 (Forthcoming)
ed. Ibsen and Modern Chinese. University of Turin, Italy, 2007
ed. Representation of the Other: Theory and Practice, University of Goettingen Press, 2009
ed. Discourse of Humanities in Contextualization, Peking University Press, 2008.
ESSAYS (published in English in international journals and books)
Chengzhou He, "Women and the Search for Modernity: Rethinking Modern Chinese Drama," MLQ: Modern Language Quarterly 69:1, Washington, March 2008
Chengzhou He, “Ibsen’s Men in Trouble, Masculinity and Norwegian Modernity”, Ibsen Studies (Routledge), Vol. 8, No. 2, 2008
Chengzhou He, "Woman and Decadence: Hedda Gabler Revisited, North-West Passage 3 (Turin), 2007
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